Rehab Science

The Rehab Science division of Infinity focuses on a wide variety of rehabilitation products. Our goal is to provide maximum pain relief and improve overall function for each patient. There are a variety of durable medical products that patients can utilize to help them have the best results possible based on their specific needs. Many of these products are designed to be used before and after surgical procedures. However, we also offer rehabilitative products that provide ongoing non pharmological and non-surgical pain management.

We work closely with prescribing physicians to offer the latest technology available and educate the medical community. Some of our products include spinal and knee braces, Muscle Stimulation units, pre-fabricated orthotics, Cold Therapy devices, Portable DVT Prevention, and Bone Growth Stimulators. The practitioners and clinical specialists at Infinity provide personal instructions on proper use for each product because we desire to make the transition our patients are facing as simple as possible and create a continuity of care that is seamless in order to allow them time to concentrate their efforts on recovery.

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