About Our Practice

Infinity sees patients of all ages and activity levels. Whether you are in need of a device that simply allows you to move freely around your home, or one that allows you to run a marathon, we will find the perfect fit for you! Our staff is committed to ensuring that each patient is able to live their life without limits. 

We produce our own custom orthotics using Dr. Comfort Scan.

Infinity specializes in prosthetic systems for lower extremity amputations of all levels - above the knee, below the knee, hip disarticulations & hemi-pelvectomy. Our practitioners also have many years of experience in upper extremity amputations of all levels. We have the knowledge & experience necessary to address even the most challenging of cases, including bilateral, high-level, & other "hard to fit" amputations. 

Customer service and satisfaction are our specialty, and we pride ourselves on providing a friendly & family atmosphere. We encourage our patients to meet & socialize with each other. We recognize that the camaraderie, sharing of experiences, & support to others with limb loss provides a sense of belonging and community which is invaluable in your recovery.

Please visit the Tennessee Valley Amputee Support Group website & join us at the next meeting! www.tvasgroup.com

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