What are TLSO's and LSO’s?
A thoracolumbosacral orthosis, or TLSO, is a brace used to correct a curve in your spine often caused by scoliosis.
A lumbosacral orthosis, or LSO, is used to treat a variety of conditions including fractures and laminectomies. An LSO is often prescribed after surgery.
A TLSO and an LSO can be a corset-style brace or a rigid plastic brace. They are designed to restrict your movement of your torso. A TLSO is taller than an LSO.
TLSO’s and LSO’s can be custom made or off-the-shelf. Infinity O&P fits both custom and ready-made back braces. Our Orthotics Department fits custom braces. Our Rehab Science department fits off-the-shelf TLSO’s and LSO’s.
The doctor says I have scoliosis, now what?
Scoliosis in adolescence is the most common reason we see patients to be fitted with a TLSO. With scoliosis, your spine curves to the side. A TLSO helps to push your spine back through the placement of different pads located inside the brace. The goal of a TLSO is to keep the curve from getting worse and becoming surgical.
Scoliosis is diagnosed using an x-ray. Depending on the severity of the curve, your doctor may prescribe a TLSO. That’s when you come visit us. Our practitioners will measure you for your brace and then you’ll come back in a couple weeks to be fit for your custom TLSO. You will follow up with your doctor and they’ll take some more x-rays to see how you are progressing. As the curve corrects, we will make adjustments to your TLSO.
The younger you are when the curve is diagnosed, the better the results.
Some TLSO’s are often only worn at night while you’re sleeping.

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