Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom_Foot_OrthoticA custom foot orthotic or CFO is a device specifically made for your foot. It is designed to align the foot and ankle and support your feet.
Custom foot orthotics look similar to the insoles that come in your shoes but they are custom made to your foot. They are designed to correct the imbalances in your foot.
Your doctor may prescribe CFO’s for flat feet, foot pain, high arches, or diabetic inserts.
Your doctor will prescribe custom orthotics if you need them. Once the doctor prescribes the inserts, we will take an impression of your foot. That impression is used to make a mold. Depending on the corrections that need to be made, different materials will then be vacuum shaped to your mold.
Custom_Foot_OrthoticWhen you receive your inserts, you should bring the shoes you’ll be wearing them in. We will make any needed adjustments so they fit properly in the shoes. We recommend putting them in a new pair of shoes.
It takes a little time to break in your new inserts. You will want to gradually work up to wearing them all the time.
CFO’s are covered by some insurance providers.
Your doctor may prescribe an SMO or a UCBL instead of inserts.

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