A Leg for a Superhero

When it is time for a patient to receive a new socket, our prosthetists will cast the residual limb to create a custom mold.  Using the mold, the lab creates a plastic socket to test that we have the perfect fit.  Once everything fits just right, it's time to make the finished socket for the patient.  So how do we do that?  Take a look as the lab creates a leg for a super hero.


Kevin on the Linx

Kevin took the Endolite Linx for a spin last week and he was thrilled!


Ken was in for a test fit yesterday. He has worn a prosthetic leg since 1973. His first prosthesis was actually made out of balsa wood.


Don recently received his prosthesis. He stopped in for a follow up visit this week and had everyone rolling!


Jimmy recently tested the FS3000 AFO from TurboMed Orthotics.  He was very happy with the product!  He was even able to fix it to five different pairs of shoes.


Greg was in today using his Ossur Power Knee to power himself up!

Dino Leg

Gabriel recently received his new custom dinosaur prosthesis! Check out this strong and powerful leg!


Dennis took his very first steps on his new leg yesterday! Isn't he doing great?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from everyone at Infinity O&P!

Barbarian Challenge 2017

In June, members of our Infinity O&P family and extended IOP family took part in The Barbarian Challenge in Gadsden. Jamie, one of our technicians and an above knee amputee; Yong, one of our practitioners; and Jamie's son Jared and cousin Jeremy, completed the 10K course. It took them 7 hours and 46 minutes to overcome the 31 obstacles but they never quit, crossing the finish line together! We're proud of you guys!

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