Have you ever wondered what goes into making a socket for a prosthetic leg?

November 4th 2016

When it is time for a patient to receive a new socket, our prosthetists will cast the residual limb to create a custom mold.  Using that mold, the lab creates a plastic socket to test that we have a perfect fit.  Once everything fits just right, it's time to make…

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Custom Orthotics, “Usual Care” Improve Low-Back Pain Outcomes

July 12th 2013

Content provided by The O&P EDGE

A researcher at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, compared the effect of customized foot orthotics in addition to usual care (UC) to UC alone and found that patients with chronic, nonspecific low-back pain following a work-related low-back injury had greater improvement in short-term…

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Doctors Call on Amputee for Support

June 14th 2013

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Travel Information

February 1st 2013

There is a welcome change in TSA airport screening procedures for people with disabilities.  TSA has created a wallet-sized Medical Notification Card that flyers can download and fill in, noting their particular medical condition or device that may affect their screening.  Individuals can discreetly hand a security officer this card noting their medical…

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